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Tzolkin & Horoscope

The TZOLKIN symbol for the requested date is:

Kauak (Thunder)

A Maya-Horoscope for the requested date is available here: Horoscope


The Maya were one of only five cultures of the world to create an original writing system. The others were the Sumerian, Egyptian, Chinese, and the Harappa of India, the last one yet undeciphered. The Maya writing system has been one of the great mysteries of the past 150 years. Remarkable advances have been made in the past forty years and now it is estimated that more than 80% of Maya writing have been deciphered. The written words of the Maya writing are called glyphs, or hieroglyphs.


A Maya codex is a hand-made book with fan-folded pages. The pages were usually made from beaten bark paper, usually from a tree called Amate. The paper was coated with a lime compound, hand painted and colored by scribes. The covers of the book were made from wood or leather.

This is your own codex. You are now an Ah Tsib, or Maya Scribe.


Click on the various buttons to learn more about specific sections of your codex.

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